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Best Bronzer For Pale Skin

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16 Reviews
Love it!
I’m so glad I’ve finally found a bronzer perfect for my pale skin. This warms up my skin beautifully without looking orange or over the top, especially at this time of the year.
13 Dec 2018
Yes Yes Yes
I am soooo glad Benefit brought this Hooks Lite out. It is a fantastic bronzer for those with pale skin like myself. I use this for contouring and can also use this all over in the summer to adjust my foundation. If you find Hoola too dark please try this product. Perfect.
08 Aug 2017
Suitable for fair skin
I have the palest of pale skin and I tried this bronzer on a whim hoping it would work but it doesn't have an orange base. I found this bronzer does work at naturally warming my complexion but it needs a lot of building up to be noticeable, usually I like my bronzers to be more subtle but this one I wish was slightly more pigmented. It lasted me a while though regardless but I still think the price tag is a bit hefty for such a small box with pretty crappy packaging.
11 Jan 2019
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19 Reviews
This is perfect for my pale skin. I got the shade 'medium' as i found the light too orange and it just gives my skin that sunkissed look. It blends in beautifully and doesn't leave me with a noticeable orange streak like some do. It's buildable and the pot is massive so it will last a long time even though it's pricy. Took me a while but I found my perfect bronzer!
23 Feb 2018
Lovely colour, colour lasts all day on face and the compact itself lasts for aggeeeeessssssss. Nice colour for pale skin and leaves a lovely shimmer too.
31 Dec 2013
this is a veyr lovely colour and lasts all day on your face. it would be really good if they had more colours for darker skin because people forget about the darker skin people and i feel like this product will look really good on them and i really like how its affordable and its really big aswell so it will last for a long time
06 Sep 2015
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7 Reviews
Ntobreaking thhe bank but giving me the same result as a Mac skin finish powder would but much much cheaper! Not muddy doesnt cling and actually blends to a stunning stunning bronzed look! When I’m pale pale it would be too dark for me but when I use a darker foundation I’m good to go!
12 Oct 2018
I use this over my contour! The colour is lovely to say how pale I am. The fact it has a mirror as well makes me super happy.Blends amazingColour is perfectMirror..tick!
28 Apr 2016
This product is very underrated than it should be! It is very comparable to the urban decay beach bronze and the shade range is also. it is very cheap compared but Definately is a dupe! only downside to this bronzer is it is vey orange toned but it still looks gorgeous on the skin it you use a light hand in my opinion.
20 Aug 2016
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