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Best Concealer For Pale Skin

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58 Reviews
Full coverage
If you have pale skin this is great as they have very light shades. It is full coverage and blends so well. Quite hard to find online though my friends said, however i got mine given to me as a gift. It doesnt dry your skin out or make it look oily, its just perfect! Has a nice matte finish
17 Dec 2017
I ❤️❤️❤️ this. Not cake, perfect shade for me. I bought this is the lightest shade possible and its perfect for my pale skin. Brightens and conceals perfectly. A little pricey but worth it. (although I haven't tried the MUR dupe for £4 yet). Im very impressed and would recommend to anyone.
07 Feb 2018
Such good coverage and comes in my shade im really pale and have hard time finding concealers that work for my skin colour.
10 Jan 2019
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87 Reviews
Such a great concealer! I have extremely pale skin but the lightest shade suits me perfectly over foundation. Hides all red patches and blemishes. If applied with fingers it warms and spreads evenly, even under eyes- although will crease if not set with powder
14 Dec 2015
I love this concealer for when I have blemishes. The fairest shade is perfect for pale skin and it covers redness like a dream and is very blendable. I wouldn't use it under they eyes as it can cake. Not cheap but lasts longer than tube concealers and I will always repurchase.
14 Mar 2016
Not good for dry skin, or versatile
This product does have great coverage, and blends well into foundation. The lightest shade matched my very pale skin. However, I would not recommend this for people with dry skin, this products emphasizes dry patches. Also, as an undereye concealer, while it does cover and brightens, it also hugly emphasises fine lines and I'm only twenty. Not wanting to have wasted the purchase I not only use it as an eye shadow primer, or to cover the occasional spot. If you have ache or spots, this product will hide them and is deffinatly high coverage. I would recommend this to someone has breakouts.
09 Jan 2017
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83 Reviews
This concealer wand has a variety of shades, I especially am happy that it has a porcelain shade which fits pale skin. The formula is smooth and blends easily, the only downside is that it isn't full coverage. This is fine though as it can be build up. Lovely concealer and lovely brand!
17 Jul 2016
This is my go-to concealer. I struggle to find a concealer that is pale enough for me, especially one that dries pale rather than oxidising to orange after a few minutes of the face. This concealer is creamy and doesn't look caky, provides a good amount of coverage whilst still looking natural and lasts for hours without looking patchy. Thoroughly recommend.
05 Jun 2016
I love the lavender colour as it's really brightening even on skin as pale as mine, If you are as pale as me the lightest shade (of the skin type colours) may be slightly too dark nonetheless when I'm feeling lazy it is great to spot conceal and to use under the eye as my face is quite red so looks darker anyway. Even though it is slightly too dark compared to my foundation I find it works out just fine when I put my foundation over the top. My go to as it's cheap and cruelty free!
05 Mar 2017
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