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A more detailed look at some Foundation products best suited to particular conditions and attributes, based upon your reviews.

33 Reviews
Will never buy this product again ! I used to have acne and the beauty advisor told me that this would be the right foundation as it's light and covers at the same time. At the end, I found myself with more acné and an irritated skin everytime i was using this product. Doesnt recommend it! And very expensive
27 May 2016
Even though it is quite pricey the bottle lasts for a long period of time as you only need to apply a small amount. It feels light on your face and has helped to clear up some of the redness of my acne. I have also found that along side 3 step anti blemish solutions skin care this product has improved my acne.
01 Jan 2016
This product does what is says on the tin. At the time i suffered from MAJOR acne, so anyone would want to cover up as well as fighting the acne. This really helped my skin out and didn't cake up and make me feel heavy.
27 Mar 2016
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203 Reviews
This is really great as I got bad acne and this works great it covers perfectly
25 Jun 2016
This foundation is amazing for the cost. It stays all day through a variety of activities and is full coverage with out looking cakey or feeling thick when applied. It has a nice matte look and conceals all marks. I have acne and acne scars and this covers it perfectly. I also have very pale skin and the colours are matched to a wide variety of skin tones..
03 Dec 2015
This foundation is good for variety of shades, it just happened the lightest is too pale after i spent £12 on it, kinda gutting. It has quite good coverage, it covers the redness on my acne scarring but it didn't cover redness on all spots, it is medium coverage and could be buildable in some areas. I have normal to combination skin as i have dry and oily skin, it just brought more dry skin
10 Jan 2016
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104 Reviews
My worst foundation
I bought this almost a year ago, loved what a beautiful, baby doll finish this would give me when used with the infallible primer, good staying power and good coverage for my mild acne. Soon enough, however, I started breaking out to the point where I got cystic acne. At first I blamed it on hormones, dust at work so I kept repurchasing.I started using different acne treatments, yet nothing would work. After 3 months, by when my skin got covered almost entirely by acne and deep scarring, I thought I should try to use a different foundation. My skin looks a lot better now, no more cystic acne.
19 Feb 2017
This foundation is great for acne coverage and covering redness. It lasts along time with a setting spray and keeps your face looking youthful. It's not cakey atall and is really easy to apply. There is a pump and the packaging is great for storage as its square. I would highly recommend for anyone. It's also a good value for money. Lots of shades aswell for all skin tones.
29 Nov 2015
I do love the coverage of this foundation and the matte finish. It is very long lasting stays full 24 hours and no powder is needed. It covers up any acne abd scaring really giving a flawless look. Only problem was I felt the colour was a little too dark for me. The colours did not match fully true to skin
08 Jan 2016
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