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I have very dry sensitive skin that suffers a lot in the Winter and my lips are no exception. Although it isn’t the best option in the market, in my opinion, it is certainly the most economically efficient! With that being said I have one in almost every purse I own. I love the shape and the fragance. Would definitely buy again.
06 Feb 2019
So worth the money!
This eos lip balm is an absolute holy grail for me during the winter months!❄️ I’m not gonna lie it is expensive for a lip balm costing around £7 but it’s so worth it because the formula is amazing and it lasts ages! It definitely in my opinion is the best lip balm on the market for dry lips even though every lip balm helps dry lips,this one is the best! It’s very moisturising and doesn’t leave greasy residue on the lips once the lip balm has soaked in👄 The way the lip balm has been made into a solid sphere shape,makes it really easy to apply until it starts to get flat from use.Speaking of packaging...I really love the ball shape as it fits in handbags and pockets very well and looks really cute! This specific eos lip balm smells so good!😋 I haven’t tried any of the other flavours but they all look nice! When I said this lip balm lasts ages I wasn’t exaggerating...I have had mine for almost a YEAR and it’s only just ran out!😱 I definately will be picking up another one of these when I can,it’s such an iconic and well formulated lip balm. I 100% recommend!
21 Dec 2018
I have two EOS lip balms, one in Pomegranate and the other is Vanilla Bean. I bought these two in a Christmas Cracker during Boxing Day sales and never tried them before. Honestly, I love them! Not only do they smell amazing, but they are so nourishing on the lips! The round shape makes it so much easier to apply and the lip balm feels so soft and moisturising on the lips and really helps with dryness and chapped lips especially during winter. It lasts most of the day and the lip balm shape makes it easy to pop in your bag for traveling.
06 Jan 2019
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