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Best Lipstick For Dry Lips

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A more detailed look at some Lipstick products best suited to particular conditions and attributes, based upon your reviews.

4 Reviews
Very hydrating
I suffer with really dry lips and this lipstick is amazing, it is really smooth and hydrating and comes in lots of different shades! Only downside is that I found it doesn’t last very long only a couple hours but it still leaves your lips hydrated :)
17 Apr 2019
Love it!
I really struggle with lipsticks as I have really dry lips and I prefer glosses or balms. I thought I’d try this one out as I thought it would be moisturising! Omg so great! I got the colour sunset cruise which is a nice red pink colour it is very pigmented but can build up, glides on and hydrating! The packaging is gorgeous as well! I will be purchasing in other shades as well. This will be my new go to for lipsticks 👍✨
01 May 2018
Love love love these lipsticks, I have the shades Suede Slash and Orchid Ocean. They keep your lips moisturised whilst wearing it. Doesn’t dry out. Easy to touch up or re apply if needed. Great to everyday use. I can’t get enough of wearing these
29 Oct 2017
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5 Reviews
My go to lip colour is always a nude and when I saw this new collection I knew I had to try it. It's a creamy formula and goes straight onto the lips and actually makes them go matte, which is perfect for me as I'm always just buying mac matte lipsticks etc. It actually reminds me of the NYX lip creams that I also love but are more hard to get hold of rather than this one. I have quite dry skin and can get dry lips and many liquid lipsticks i tend to avoid because they usually dry up however this one even though it goes matte it isn't drying and still keeps the creamy consistency.
01 Oct 2017
It's definitely worth swatching these first as some of the nude colours look similar from the colour of the tube but there are some really nice differences between them. I love the formula of these as they apply like a gloss but settle down into a silky but almost matte-like finish (I know that's a complete contradiction but if you have one you'll know what I mean!). Not at all drying on your lips and pretty long-lasting too compared with some of the other L'Oreal lipsticks I own. They are such great value for money and great for daytime or evening wear.
14 Aug 2017
Good , But not Great!
Purchased 2 of these in shades 211 (babe-in) and 207 (wuthering purple), smooth creamy formula that it quite easy to apply, they dry down matt and look pretty good,and I found they lasted pretty well too. I did find I had to apply a couple of times to get the colour I really wanted more so with the purple shade. The biggest con for me was they seem to be scented . Very over-whelming fruity sent and that just put me right off! On the whole a pretty good matt lip, but purely down to the scent I wont be purchasing again.
08 Feb 2019
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31 Reviews
I have nude pink and timeless brown which both give natural effect on me being just slightly darker than my own lip colour. Balm needs reapplying throughout the day but the colour lasts and lasts. Doesn't dry lips out either. This product is far better than the equivalent Max Factor lipfinity.
28 Jul 2010
Being in the public eye I defo need a lipstick that will last throughout the day without re-touch. This lipstick is fab. I have been using this for months now. I initially bought one and now owned three in my vanity and hoping to get the entire collection. Tips to avoid drying lips is to use Blistex Relief Cream first then apply your fave Maybelline Superstar Lipstick for best effect.
04 Jun 2016
Sticky feel
Bought several pinky shades for day wear. Like the longevity of wear lasts all day and doesn't transfer on my mug when get the chance for a coffee. Noticed colour becomes bit blotchy after about 5 hours and gloss picks it up for a while. My lips felt sticky when first putting it on but by the end of the day feel dry and colour blotchy but outside lines remain defined. Unattractive uneven look if you try to touch up colour. Used to like this lippy but colours not to my liking and have to use Dr pawpaw to rejuvenate dry lips . Any suggestions girls for another long lasting comfortable lippy?
25 Oct 2017
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