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220 Reviews
Makes your eyelashes look great , adds length and definition. I prefer a brush wand however It is easy to coat every lash
09 Mar 2016
Purchased this mascara when it first launched as there was so much hype about this supposedly amazing mascara. Can't see what all the fuss is about! As soon as I applied this mascara it instantly clumped and left my lashes stuck together with no definition! After half an hour it had smudged all over my lids. Wouldn't never purchase again!
09 Mar 2016
I really like this mascara, when I use it with the primer. On its own it's a little clumpy. The wand is great to get all the lashes and the spiky end works well on my lower lashes. Gives very dramatic definition and volume.
06 May 2016
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339 Reviews
I'm so in love with this mascara! I had high expectations when buying this due to the hype from YouTube, this product lived up to those expectations! I'm extremely happy with the length and definition this mascara gives, the brush is perfect with a range of shorter and longer bristles; making it easier to get each individual lash.
24 Oct 2015
I first got the non waterproof one and then the waterproof one and I really do like them because they do work and I really like the shape of the brush because it does add definition but it does clump but that is my only downfall for this mascara
11 Jan 2016
Really good day mascara. Adds volume, curl and definition. The formula is slightly watery and sometimes needs more than one coat. Runs out fairly quickly when used every day but is fairly cheap so economical.
21 Feb 2016
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60 Reviews
I don't own my own one of this product, however I have borrowed this from my friend many times, as I love the result it gives, great definition, fabulous length and amazingly separates my lashes rather than making them look clumpy. I love the big brush with rubber bristles, which seems to work great, and the product lasts for a whole day. Also lasts a long time before drying out.
16 Oct 2010
The water-proof version of this masscarra ticks all the boxes; it has a nice deep pigment for definition, it stays on all day (even through rain and tears) and it makes my lashes appear fuller and thicker. The only down-side to this product is that the brush tends to make the formula clumpy, but if you take your time, it goes on fine.
24 Oct 2010
It's not clumpy or too much and it still makes your eye lashes look longer and thicker. It has great definition and when washing off doesn't leave you with panda eyes.
19 Nov 2010
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