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Best Mascara For Long Lashes

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3 Reviews
This mascara is great. I have naturally long lashes and sometimes put layer upon layer to get my desired look. With this mascara i needed one layer and the results were amazing. I ended up buying it for my mum and sister who have never used another mascara again. My mum doesnt really have eyelashes but it made her eyelashes look amazing
23 May 2017
I am a mascara queen I wouldn't go anywhere without it and I have tried many different brands! This is by far the best one I have ever tried. It doesn't last as long as I would like it to but it makes my lashes long, luscious and very black. I like my lashes to stand out and this does exactly that!
12 Jun 2012
Very good product,separates lashes so well, the brush is easy to use and doesn't create clumps. Very intense color that doesn't smudge and lasts. Makes lashes mice and long too.
03 Nov 2016
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5 Reviews
Voluminous lashes
I have no complaints with the product. The primer creates long, lashes and the black mascara applied afterwards gives lashes the curl, volume and colour. It also doesnt leave any clumps and seperates individual lashes. I really want to buy this again.
17 Feb 2017
Absolutely amazing !!!! I love it. I have short, light coloured eyelashes and small deep set eyes. I have had false lashes on etc but they cant beat this!!! The white coat adds volume and length, I put on two coats, leaving it to dry fully before putting on the black. WOW I then have lovely long black lashes that open up my eyes !!! Thank you. L'oreal
07 Jan 2012
I love this!! The two different formulas work together in such a lovely way, lashes look full, long, curly, separated and still very natural. The black one is still nice to use without the primer if you're in a rush or want a less dramatic look, and the primer is also nice used with other mascaras. I think it's quite pricey for the highstreet, but is a gorgeous product so worth it.
01 Jul 2015
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10 Reviews
Great length of lashes
Another great mascara from Eyeko. Lovely long lashes with deep black colour and nice volume. Love the shape of the curling wand too as you can lift your lashes. I mainly use this for nights our or special occasions as I prefer a more natural look for work. Would recommend.
28 May 2017
Thick bold lashes
The eyeko black magic mascara can create such bold thick lashes that stand out .it is very useful for layering lashes but also keeping them spread apart with such an easy application. The curve shape brush is usefull and one of my favourite things about it ;getting the inner lashes is usually hard but this makes it easy and quick .it gives a false lash effect but doesn't clump so your eye doesn't feel irritated during the time u wear it . The mascara is long lasting and doesn't smear easily , it's something I love to just Carry around in my purse on a day to day basis
04 Jun 2017
This mascara applies beautifully, makes the lashes longer and doesn't clump.
15 May 2016
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