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I love this mascara! It gives length & volume in one coat, unlike a lot of mascaras that need to be built up. The wand is great because the bristles are really short & rubbery, so your lashes get coated really well.
29 Dec 2018
This is truly a great quality for the money you pay. It makes my lashes look so nice and long giving the illusion of false lashes. It is a very intense black and one coat of this mascara makes all the difference. However, the only slight problem I have with it is that sometimes it clogs up some of eye lashes together and seems clogged up even when I pull the wand out.
25 Apr 2016
Brilliant lengthening mascara
I bought this product after seeing one of my favourite you tubers raving about it in thought I may as well give it a try. The applicator is extremely thin with tiny rubber bristles, I couldn’t see how this would do much for my lashes so was very pleasantly surprised to find just one coat of the mascara separated and lengthened my lashes considerably. Combined with my lash curlers I could almost have been wearing some subtle false lashes. The colour is a gorgeous deep black and there is minimal fall out. The only thing to be aware of is when new the product is extremely wet so just requires a little extra caution when applying.
15 Apr 2019
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I recieved this in my Debenhams Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar. The brush has 2 sides, a short and long. The short side finds lower lashes that I no longer had. The longer side makes my thinning lashes look full and curled. I'm 30yrs. old, didn't think I'd ever rave about a mascara but, this one is superior to anything else I've tried (especially in the last decade). No flaking, glumping, and stays put even through tears! Well Done Laura
04 Feb 2019
I love this mascara and how long and full it makes my lashes look! It’s lengthening, volumizing and really holds a curl. It doesn’t clump, smudge or make you lashes feel hard. The wand has different bristle lengths which helps to coat each lash but I do agree with Peapea - the brush is a little bendy so if you miss putting it back in the tube it goes everywhere! I do really like it though and would recommend.
29 Jan 2018
I felt slightly let down by this mascara - it's my first Laura Geller item and I think I expected more. It does all the things it's supposed to do - lengthens, no clumping, no flaking or smudging throughout the day. BUT, it just does them 'OK'. There are other mascaras that do all of this with a bit more oomph! I do like that there are dual length fibres on the brush - the shorter ones are great for lower lashes. But the brush is so incredibly bendy that, without fail, it bends and catches on the side when putting it back in the tube, flicking product everywhere!
05 Dec 2017
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5 Reviews
Absolutely amazing !!!! I love it. I have short, light coloured eyelashes and small deep set eyes. I have had false lashes on etc but they cant beat this!!! The white coat adds volume and length, I put on two coats, leaving it to dry fully before putting on the black. WOW I then have lovely long black lashes that open up my eyes !!! Thank you. L'oreal
07 Jan 2012
Voluminous lashes
I have no complaints with the product. The primer creates long, lashes and the black mascara applied afterwards gives lashes the curl, volume and colour. It also doesnt leave any clumps and seperates individual lashes. I really want to buy this again.
17 Feb 2017
One of the best mascaras i have ever used. Gave perfect balance between definition + volume, no clumps, and amazing length achieved with the aid of lash curlers.
26 Jul 2010
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