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This shampoo is great, it takes away the oiliness of greasy hair but somehow manages to add moisture at the same time and helps where hair is damaged. Along with the matching conditioner they make a great set!
04 Aug 2019
this product smells absolutely amazing and lathers up really well! i also use the conditioner and it really helps to look after my bleached hair
24 Aug 2017
Smells amazing
This is the first shampoo that I have spent a bit more money on rather than just buying on offer at the supermarket and wow, I really can tell the difference. My hair feels silky and in lovely condition after using and the smell is delicious!
27 Feb 2018
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8 Reviews
This product is my saviour. I'm a natural bruntette & get my hair coloured at the hairdressers & honestly nothing gets it to that ashy grey-blonde I want it better than this! I put it on dry hair and leave for about 15 minutes before washing it out, then washing my hair again with this(don't be so brave first time as hair can be left with a purple/silver tint)
19 May 2016
Bleached my hair myself, so naturally it went a little bit yellow, but using this daily has made my hair a much more ashy blonde. Lasts forever as well, since not much product lathers up to cover a lot of hair. Going to stick with this as long as my hair is blonde!
20 Sep 2015
Number 1
Takes out all brassy tones and makes blondes icy. Leave on for 10 minutes and is basically like getting your hair lightened. So many people ask if I've just had my hair done. Definitely a hair trick that is worth the fiver. So cheap for how good it is.
02 Feb 2017
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