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I have this in both brown and black and I love them both the colour is bold and stays bold after a 13 hour night shift my eyes still look great and my wing has not moved. The brush is great too I never struggle to make a great wing. The pot also lasts ages.
29 May 2016
Perfect for beginners
✨I first tried this Eyeliner when I first started experimenting with the winged eyeliner look. It glides on beautifully and the application is lovely and smooth. The pigmentation is fab and there are a good range of colours available. The brush provided is also good for beginners, however with practice it is definitely worth investing in a higher end make up brush so a variety of looks can be achieved (I recommend Spectrum brushes all day long!). The price tag of £8 is nice too!
25 Sep 2017
I’m always using eyeliner to to complete my eye look. Im known for the one who wear eyeliner (constantly). This has to be my favourite gel liner I have tried so far. You have a get a great line and wing. It lasts all day too. Easy to apply with the right liner brush. Great price too
19 Oct 2017
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Waterproof and lasts all day
This is an incredible eyeliner, it's good for its price and it lasts me all day and more. The pen nib is a brush and it's a little difficult to get the sharp point for winged liner, it can be done though with some practice. I would give it 5 stars if only it was matte black - it has a shine to it.
11 Oct 2017
Perfect drugstore liner
I am now on my third one and I have tested ALOT of eye liners. This one allows you to create the perfect wing liner that will stay there all day. Also this is the perfect matte black. Definitely worth the price.
05 Jan 2019
Best drugstore eyeliner
I use this eyeliner everyday for a cat eye since buying my first one in February. It's the best eyeliner I've used and the brush pen applicator always gives a really nice crisp wing! This is the only one I've ever tried that actually stays on all day, as I rub my eyes. The eyeliner itself lasts ages (normally about 3 months with daily use). It applies really nicely over eyeshadow and stays ink black all day. It also is very waterproof and has very little transfer if at all.
14 Oct 2018
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6 Reviews
I am terrible at liquid eyeliner but this is great to a bold wing. Its really black, doesn't transfer onto lids and lasts a long time
09 Jan 2018
Super pigmented
This eyeliner pencil is very black and has a great pigment so you don't need to layer it to get full colour. It's a chunky pen style so easy to hold. The tip is fat but with a small point so you can get a clear thick line or just use the tip for a thinner style liner. I would lent buy again because I'm useless with wing liner if I was better I would be using this product so I would recommend to you if you are skilled with liner. I will keep practicing!
28 Apr 2018
One of my favourite liquid/pen eyeliners. Easy to get a small or thick out there wing. Doesnt dry out. Definitely recommend this eyeliner to anyone just starting out on eyeliner or anyone who loves eyeliner
19 Oct 2017
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